Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS)

Since 2014, when Brazil organised the NETmundial conference, the topic of Internet Governance and cyber security has been on the agenda of the BRICS summits.

At the summits in 2015 (Ufa/Russia), 2016 (Goa/India) and 2017 (Xiamen/China), China and Russia in particular pressed for a uniform commitment of the BRICS countries to the principle of cyber sovereignty of the state.

The BRICS countries are committed to giving the UN greater weight in international Internet Governance negotiations, but also admit (under pressure from India and Brazil) that non-governmental stakeholders should be involved "in their respective roles" in the development of global Internet Governance policies. Russia's proposal for a UN Convention on Cyber Security was rejected at the Xiamen Summit in September 2017.


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