Q2/2019 - Global Commission on Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC)

The Hague, 16 - 17 June 2019

On 16 and 17 June 2019, the Global Commission on Stability in Cyberspace held another meeting in The Hague, a so-called “Small Commission Meeting”. Discussed were drafts of the final report. The report will include a definition of cyber stability and propose a concept of a framework for stability in cyberspace. The core piece of the report are the eight draft norms that may serve as a basis for the cyber stability architecture to be worked out in the 2020s. They include the norm on the protection of the public core of the Internet and the norm on cyber hygiene. The report is planned to be adopted at the next regular meeting of the GCSC in Addis Abeba on 12 October 2019. It will be presented to the public at the Paris Peace Forum on 11 November 2019. Additional presentations are scheduled for the 14th IGF in Berlin in November 2019 and the Munich Security Conference in February 2020. Not yet settled is how the report will be followed up on. The proposals to be discussed include the creation of a global platform for monitoring the implementation of the norms formulated by the GCSC (cyber norm watch).

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