Q1/2020 - Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)

GFCE Foundation, The Hague, 6 January 2020

The Global Forum of Cyber Expertise (GFCE), founded in 2015 and based in The Hague, was converted into a foundation on 6 January 2020 (GFCE Foundation). The mandate and structure of the Forum has not changed as a result. The Foundation Board, appointed for two years, is composed of three internationally recognised Internet experts. It is chaired by Christopher Painter, former Cyber Coordinator at the US State Department. His deputies are Olaf Kolkman, CTO of ISOC and former Chair of IAB, and Inge Bryan, Partner Deloitte Cybersecurity. Uri Rosenthal, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, acts as “Special Advisor to the Board”. Painter, Kolkman and Rosenthal were also members of the “Global Commission on Stability in Cyberspace” (GCSC)[1].  In February 2020, a call for applications was published for the new GFC Advisory Board. The future members were to start work after the GFCE Annual Meeting scheduled for April 2020. Yet, the Meeting has been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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