Q2/2020 - Charter of Trust

Initiative on cyber threat information sharing, 23 June 2020

The “Charter of Trust” initiated by Siemens in 2019 launched a new initiative on 23 June 2020 to exchange information on cyber threats. The initiative, which is intended to breathe life into Article 8 of the Charter of Trust, is based on three pillars: a structured information sharing policy, the establishment of a network of personal contacts (Human Network/H2H) and the creation of a database that collects information on cyber threats[1].

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Q2/2020Charter of Trust
  1. [1] Charter of Trust launches initiative on cyber threat information sharing: „Collaboration and information sharing between trusted partners is one of the main strategic objectives in the Charter of Trust and we practice what we preach. This week we are pleased to announce that the Charter of Trust, under its Principle 8, has started an initiative to share cyber threat information. This initiative covers three dimensions: information sharing policy, establishing a human network (H2H) and implementing a shared threat intelligence platform. This initiative is proceeding as a proof of concept over the next six months. https://www.charteroftrust.com/news/614/