NETmundial Initiative (NMI)

The NMI was created as a follow-up to the multistakeholder NETmundial conference hosted by the Brazilian government in São Paulo in April 2014. NETmundial was the world's largest Internet conference to date and adopted a declaration on Basic Principles for Internet Governance and a Roadmap. Both documents were supported by governments as well as high-level non-governmental actors from business, academia, the technical community and civil society.

Initiated by ICANN and the WEF, the NMI was meant to accompany the implementation of the NETmMundial Principles and Roadmap. A 20-member multistakeholder Council, which included US Assistant Minister Larry Strickling, the Chinese CAC Chair Lu Wei and EU Vice-President Andrus Ansip, coordinated the NMI's initial activities.

After ICANN withdrew from the NMI in 2016 and NMI initiator Fadi Chehadé joined the WEF, the NMI Council stopped its activities in June 2016 within the framework of a meeting in Helsinki, and it invited the Brazilian government and all stakeholders to organise a NETmundial Review Conference (NetMundial+5) in 2019.


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