Q4/2018 - G7 Multistakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Montreal, 6 December 2018

The decision to hold the Multistakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence had been made at the G7 Summit in Charlevoix in June 2018 under Canadian G7 chairmanship. In June 2018, Canada and France had founded a Group of Experts that had prepared discussion papers on the four central topics of the multistakeholder conference – future of work, social responsibility, the role of artificial intelligence for sustainable development and removing barriers to innovation:

The aim of the one-day high-calibre conference was not to compile a joint document. The primary goal was to approach a topic that was relatively new in the political field in a qualified and structured way. The four position papers and the detailed conference report including about 200 recommendations for furture activities (on more than 100 pages) provide a good basis for continuing the work under French G7 chairmanship, which will start on 1 January 2019. The French President Emmanuel Macron has already declared that he will put a special focus on the issue of artificial intelligence. At the end of the conference in Montreal, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the formation of an “International Panel on Artificial Intelligence”. The panel is planned to take up work in spring 2019. Who is going to sit on it is not yet known. The following topics will be on the panel’s agenda:

  1. Data Collection and Access
  2. Data Control and Privacy
  3. Trust in AI
  4. Acceptance and Adoption of AI
  5. Future of Work
  6. Governance, Laws and Justice
  7. Responsible AI and Human Rights
  8. Equity, Responsibility and Public Good
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